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Site history and associated milestones

2014 September 24 site goes offline after 10,608,401 page views. Redirected to
2014 September  Vanderbilt Arboretum tree tours transition to portable devices complete.
2014 March  Vanderbilt Arboretum gets its own website: (content supported by Bioimages pages).
2013 Dec  Vanderbilt Arboretum website and tree tour transition to portable devices.
2013 Oct 28  Audubon Core becomes a TDWG Standard; Bioimages compliant in November.
2013 Oct  Over one million Bioimages RDF triples searchable at URIBurner.
2013 Sep  Ten millionth page view on old website (
2013 Sep  Content negotiation delivers Bioimages RDF metadata consistent with Darwin Core RDF Guide, Audubon Core draft standard, and Darwin-SW.
2013 Jun 27  Darwin Core RDF Guide draft completes TDWG RDF/OWL task group review.
2012 Dec  Geolocation and assignment of HTTP URI identifiers completed for all 10 000+ images.
2011 Oct  TDWG RDF/OWL Task Group chartered to determine RDF best practices in a biodiversity context.
2011 Aug 15  Bioimages becomes an Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) provider.
2011 Apr 28  Darwin-SW release.
2010 Dec  Development of Darwin-SW begins.
2010 Nov  Bioimages becomes a Morphbank contributor.
2010 Sep  Geolocation and assignment of HTTP URI identifiers begun.
2010 June  Optimization for portable devices begun.
2010 Apr 8  First implementation of HTTP URI persistent globally unique identifiers using content negotiation.
2008 June 26  Over ten thousand images online with over one thousand species represented.
2008 June 11  One millionth first time visitor.
2006 Oct 11  Medium resolution images of southeastern US trees available for use on portable devices .
2006 July 31  Common northwest US trees online.
2006 Jun 30  One millionth page view since 2003 October.
2006 Feb 13  All plant images linked and available online.
2006 Jan 12  Updated North American Ecoregions, now covers 61% of ecoregions.
2005 November  Vanderbilt Arboretum Tree Tour online.
2005 June  Canada ecoregions online, added animal images.
2005 May  Bioimages becomes a Discover Life partner.
2005 Apr 1  Site navigation improved, Alaska and Hawaii ecoregions online.
2004 Jul 10  Ecoregions added.
2004 Feb 16  Southwestern US plant images added.
2003 Nov 1  Habitat images added.
2003 May 8  Comprehensive middle Tennessee herbaceous plants list online.
2002 Dec 18  Representative southeastern herbaceous plants online.
2002 Nov 19  First plant features pages created.
2002 Nov 17  First herbaceous angiosperms added.
2002 Nov 13  Non-seed plants and non-photosynthetic gametophytes added.
2002 Nov 12  Nearly all common trees of middle Tennessee online.
2002 Oct 21  High resolution versions of all images available.