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This tree, which sprouted before 1800, was one of the few trees on campus that predated Vanderbilt University. It is described in the Original Trees of Vanderbilt page of the Vanderbilt Arboretum website. Its fall in 1989 and the destruction it wreaked Old Central is described in The Vanderbilt Register vol.X no.2 p.5 (Sep. 15, 1989).

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This organismal entity has the scope: multicellular organism.

Remarks: This ancient bur oak grew next to Old Central, the oldest building in campus. It was blown over in a storm on 1989-06-18.


Quercus macrocarpa


sec. Vanderbilt 1989

common name: bur oak
family: Fagaceae
Identified 1989-09-15 by Mike Holt

Identification remarks: Vanderbilt Register 10 (2):5 (Sep. 15, 1989) states that the tree was a bur oak.


Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
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Coordinate uncertainty about: 5 m.

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whole tree (or vine) - general
bark - of a large tree

Vanderbilt 1989 =

McDonald, Susan, 1989. Vanderbilt Register 10 (2):5 (Sep. 15, 1989). Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US.

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