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An individual instance of Aesculus flava (yellow buckeye)
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Buckeye leaves are easily recognized because they are palmately compound (leaflets coming from a common point on their petiole or leaf-stalk) and are oppositely arranged on the twig.  Two  species are found in middle Tennessee -- yellow buckeye ( Aesculus flava ) and Ohio buckeye ( Aesculus glabra ) -- although neither species is common.  However, yellow buckeye is one of the dominant species in cove forests of the Smoky Mountains.  It is virtually impossible to tell these two species apart on the basis of their leaves and bark alone.  They are best distinguished by their flowers and fruit.  Yellow buckeye flowers are more whitish yellow and have petals with unequal length. Ohio buckeye flowers are more greenish yellow and have petals with equal length.  The fruit of buckeyes is unusual.  Several shiny, brown nuts (poisonous to humans) are present inside a thin hull that splits into several pieces.  The hull of yellow buckeye is smooth, while the hull of Ohio buckeye is spiny.

This tree is described on p. 72 of The Trees of Vanderbilt.

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This organism is a living specimen that is part of the  Vanderbilt University Arboretum  with the local identifier 1-81.

This particular organism is believed to have managed means of establishment.

This organismal entity has the scope: multicellular organism.

Remarks: Described in the 1994 Trees of Vanderbilt p. 72.


Aesculus flava


sec. Gleason Cronquist 1991

common name: yellow buckeye
family: Hippocastanaceae
Identified 2002-04-10 by Steven J. Baskauf


Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
Click on these geocoordinates to load a map showing the location: 36.14172°, -86.79967°
Coordinate uncertainty about: 10 m.

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whole tree (or vine) - general
bark - of a large tree
twig - orientation of petioles
twig - close-up winter terminal bud
leaf - whole upper surface
leaf - showing orientation on twig
inflorescence - whole - unspecified
inflorescence - frontal view of flower
fruit - immature

Gleason Cronquist 1991 =

Gleason, Henry A. and Arthur Cronquist, 1991. Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY, US.

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