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An individual instance of Tilia americana var. heterophylla (American basswood)
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This large tree is along the edge of the open green and is split into a double trunk.

White basswood has leaves with very uneven leaf bases and a single toothed margin.  It is distinguished from American basswood by the hairs on the lower surface of the white basswood leaves which can give the lower surface a whitish appearance.  However, the amount of hairiness is variable and it is often not easy to determine whether a particular tree is a white basswood or an American basswood.  Some taxonomists do not recognize white basswood as a separate species and call it a subspecies of American basswood.

Basswoods have very distinctive flowers and fruits.  They hang in a cluster below a leaf-like bract.  Bees love the basswood flowers and some say that basswood honey has the best flavor.  In the fall and winter, basswood buds have a very distinctive look and in the wild, large basswood trees often have sprouts surrounding the base of the tree.

This tree is described on p. 77 of The Trees of Vanderbilt.

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This organism is a living specimen that is part of the  Vanderbilt University Arboretum  with the local identifier 1-415.

This particular organism is believed to have managed means of establishment.

This organismal entity has the scope: multicellular organism.


Tilia americana var. heterophylla


sec. Gleason Cronquist 1991

common name: American basswood
family: Tiliaceae
Identified 2014-09-11 by Steven J. Baskauf

Tilia heterophylla


sec. Vanderbilt 1994

common name: white basswood
family: Tiliaceae
Identified 1994 by Robert Kral


Magnolia Lawn, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
Click on these geocoordinates to load a map showing the location: 36.14341°, -86.79881°
Coordinate uncertainty about: 10 m.

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Gleason Cronquist 1991 =

Gleason, Henry A. and Arthur Cronquist, 1991. Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY, US.

Vanderbilt 1994 =

Vanderbilt University, 1994. The Trees of Vanderbilt: Seven Walks Through the Vanderbilt University Arboretum. Office of Publications and Design, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US.

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