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An individual instance of Liriodendron tulipifera (tuliptree)
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Just behind the iron fence northwest of Furman Hall is the largest tuliptree in the arboretum. It has a diameter of 118 cm (46 in.), height of 26 m (86 ft.), and crown spread of 21 m (69 ft.). When tuliptrees get as large as this one, their deeply ridged and furrowed bark is very distinctive. Another typical feature of tuliptrees is their very straight trunk. This particular tree has a somewhat atypical split trunk, but the other large tuliptree between this spot and Kirland Hall shows the very straight trunk trait better.

Perhaps the most surprising feature of tuliptrees is their colorful flowers, which form in the late spring. Close examination of the flower shows that it's structure is very similar to magnolias, and tuliptree is actually a member of the Magnoliaceae family. However, its distinctively shaped leaves look nothing like the typical, oval magnolia leaf shape.

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This organism is a living specimen that is part of the  Vanderbilt University Arboretum  with the local identifier 2-402.

This particular organism is believed to have managed means of establishment.

This organismal entity has the scope: multicellular organism.


Liriodendron tulipifera


sec. Vanderbilt 1994

common name: tuliptree
family: Magnoliaceae
Identified 1994 by Robert Kral


northwest of Furman Hall, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
Click on these geocoordinates to load a map showing the location: 36.14803°, -86.80174°
Coordinate uncertainty about: 10 m.

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whole tree (or vine) - general
whole tree (or vine) - view up trunk
bark - of a large tree

Vanderbilt 1994 =

Vanderbilt University, 1994. The Trees of Vanderbilt: Seven Walks Through the Vanderbilt University Arboretum. Office of Publications and Design, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US.

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