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Pteridium aquilinum

(L.) Kuhn

sec. fna.org 1993

common name: western brackenfern
family: Dennstaedtiaceae
Identified 2002 by Lisa Kelly

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DataCite DOI for the image:10.5281/zenodo.11007591

Location information for the occurrence documented by this image:

Green Swamp, Brunswick County, North Carolina, US
34.10701° latitude,-78.26051° longitude
Coordinate uncertainty: about 5000 m

Location inferred from organism coordinates.

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Image creator: Lisa Kelly; created on 2002-06-20T14:35:47-04:00

Rights statement: (c) 2002 Lisa Kelly
Available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.
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fna.org 1993 =

Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds., 1993. Flora of North America North of Mexico. Flora of North America Association, New York, NY, US and Oxford, UK.