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Taxa lists for regions in the United States

Southeast U.S. tree list

Woody plants of the southeastern United States

A list of trees and woody plants of the southeast.
Coverage of interior species is fairly good.
The coverage of species of the coastal plain and peninsular Florida is not very complete.

Note: this list contains about 250 species and takes some time to load on portable devices.
Northeastern U.S. trees list

Trees and woody plants of northeastern North America

Common species of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States
Northwestern U.S. trees list

Some common trees and woody plants of the northwestern U. S. and southwestern Canada



Southwestern U.S. plants list

Plants of the southwestern U.S. desert region

Featuring primarily species from Arizona, but including some other species from the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico


Middle Tennessee flower list

Flowering herbaceous plants of middle Tennessee

Coverage is best in the vicinity of Nashville.

Note: this list contains over 700 species and therefore may take a long time to load on portable devices.
Cedar Glades plant list

Common and endemic plants of cedar glades in Tennessee