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Central and Southern mixed grasslands (WWF ecoregion NA0803)

Roadside, Lincoln Co., Kansas
Roadside, Lincoln Co., Kansas
(c) 2005 Carol J. Baskauf

Source of bioregions data: Olson, D. M. and E. Dinerstein. The Global 200: Priority ecoregions for global conservation. (PDF file) Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 89:125-126.

Distinctiveness (1=highest,4=lowest): 3 (bioregionally outstanding)
This mixed-grass prairie contains the highest floral complexity of any North American grassland ecoregion.  *

Conservation Status (1=most endangered, 5=most intact): 1 (critical)
Only about 5% of remaining habitat is intact.  Most natural vegetation has been converted to cropland or pasture and much of the rest is grazed.  Land conversion, fire suppression, and overgrazing are threats.*

Characteristic species*
Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem)
Bouteloua cartipendala (grama grass)
Agropyron smithii (western wheatgrass)


* Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, D.M. Olson, C.J. Loucks, et al.  (1999) Terrestrial Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment.  World Wildlife Fund - United States and Canada.  Island Press, Washington, D.C. pp. 337-340.

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