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An individual instance of Tsuga canadensis (eastern hemlock)
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This tree is located in the northwest corner of Library Lawn. It is on the north side of the sidewalk that leads from Garland Hall to the Central Library.

Eastern hemlock has short, flat needles that are arranged more or less in two rows along the twig.  The lower surface of the needles have two white rows of stomata.  Hemlock cones are small and woody.  Both sexes of cones are found on the same tree.

Hemlocks do not occur naturally in middle Tennessee.  But they are an important component of the forests of east Tennessee and can be the dominant species in valleys in the Smoky Mountains.  The hemlock wooly adelgid, an insect pest, has recently invaded the Appalachian Mountains and threatens this majestic tree species with destruction.

This tree is described on p. 32 of The Trees of Vanderbilt.

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This organism is a living specimen that is part of the  Vanderbilt University Arboretum  with the local identifier 2-189.

This particular organism is believed to have managed means of establishment.

This organismal entity has the scope: multicellular organism.


Tsuga canadensis

(L.) Carrière

sec. Vanderbilt 1994

common name: eastern hemlock
family: Pinaceae
Identified 1994 by Robert Kral


west of the central library, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
Click on these geocoordinates to load a map showing the location: 36.14597°, -86.80087°
Coordinate uncertainty about: 10 m.

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Vanderbilt 1994 =

Vanderbilt University, 1994. The Trees of Vanderbilt: Seven Walks Through the Vanderbilt University Arboretum. Office of Publications and Design, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US.

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