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Terms used to define relationships between resources in a putative SERNEC database

The following terms are defined in RDF in the file .  The qualified namespace sernec="" .  Thus the terms may be abbreviated sernec:derivedFrom.  The use of most of these terms is described in Biodiversity Informatics 7:17-44, linked at .

Term name: Individual
Definition: The category of information pertaining to an individual or named group of individual organisms represented in an Occurrence.  This term is needed to serve as the class that represents an organism (or organisms) referenced by an identifier that is a value of the Darwin Core term individualID. This class includes only organisms in the wild. It does not include a living organism that is part of a collection which would be an Occurrence of the type LivingSpecimen. Proposed as a new Darwin Core term at

Term name: individualRemarks
Definition: Comments or notes about the Individual 

Term name: derivedFrom
Definition: Indicates the resource from which the subject (an Occurrence resource) was derived.  May be an individual or another Occurrence resource

Term name: derivativeOccurrence
Definition: Indicates an Occurrence resource that was derived from the subject (which may be an individual or an Occurrence resource)

Term name: identifiesIndividual
Definition: Indicates an individual that is identified by a determination

Term name: basedOnOccurrence
Definition: Indicates an Occurrence resource used as the basis for a determination.

Term name: usedInDetermination
Definition: Indicates a determination that was based on the subject Occurrence.

Term name: documentsDistribution
Definition: A property of an Occurrence indicating whether its creation documents the distribution of an organism in the wild.  A value of "true" indicates that the Occurrence is derived directly from an individual in its environment.  A value of "false" indicates that the event that created the Occurrence is not relevant to the documentation of any taxon distribution.  If this property has a value of "true" it is appropriate to assign dwc:recordedBy and dwc:eventDate to the Occurrence resource

Term name: sernecImageCollectionStatus
Definition: A property of an image indicating the extent to which it meets the requirements for inclusion in the SERNEC Live Plant Image Collection.  The property has a value of "2" if it meets the standards of the Full collection, has a value of "1" if it meets the standards of the Basic collection but not the Full collection, and "0" if it does not meet the standards at all.