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Comparison of Features of Oaks (Quercus spp.)

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Name Habitat Leaf Leaf margin /
lower surface
Acorn Twig / buds Bark
Quercus alba  
white oak
wide variety of habitats
Quercus bicolor  
swamp white oak
Quercus coccinea  
scarlet oak
dry slopes
Quercus falcata  
southern red oak
often on dry slopes and ridges. but also in mesic sites
Quercus imbricaria
shingle oak
mesic sites, moist slopes
Quercus lyrata overcup oak
streambanks, marshy or wet bottomlands
Quercus macrocarpa  
bur oak
streambanks and bottomlands
Quercus marilandica  
blackjack oak
dry ridges  
Quercus michauxii  
swamp chestnut oak
Quercus montana  
chestnut oak
dry ridges and slopes
Quercus muehlenbergii  
chinkapin oak)
limestone soils
Quercus nigra  
water oak
streambanks and lowlands
Quercus pagoda  
cherrybark oak
moist slopes and bottomlands
Quercus palustris  
pin oak
Quercus phellos  
willow oak
streambanks and poorly drained soils
Quercus rubra  
northern red oak
wide variety of habitats
Quercus shumardii  
Shumard's oak
streambanks and bottoms
Quercus stellata  
post oak
very dry ridges
Quercus velutina  
black oak
wide variety of habitats
Habitat reference: Chester, EW, RJ Jensen, LJ Schibig, S Simoni. 1987. The Nut Trees of Land Between the Lakes. The Center for Field Biology of LBL, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN