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Current version of Recommendations for implementation of guids in the SERNEC collections community (ver 1.3, 2010 July 17, pdf format)

Web page on guids

Previous versions:
ver 1.0 2010 May 19 Initial version
ver 1.1 2010 May 20 Changed RDF containers from types to rdf:Description and specified rdfs:type explictly.
ver 1.2 2010 May 28 Added labels for URIs used in dcterms:creator, dwc:recordedBy, dwc:identifiedBy, and xmpRights:owner.  Described method of using labels. Fixed namespace error in creator element of RDF.
ver 1.3 2010 July 17 Added sernec:individualRemarks to examples.  Added link to published version of Biodiversity Informatics 7:17-44.