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Hawaii tropical low shrublands (WWF ecoregion OC0702)

scrub, near Aimakapa Pond, Kona, island of Hawaii
scrub, near Aimakapa Pond, Kona, island of Hawaii  (c) 2005 Carol and Steve Baskauf

Source of bioregions data: Olson, D. M. and E. Dinerstein. The Global 200: Priority ecoregions for global conservation. (PDF file) Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 89:125-126.

Distinctiveness (1=highest,4=lowest): 3 (bioregionally outstanding)
Non-tree plant diversity and endemism is high in this ecoregion, with more than 90% endemism.*

Conservation Status (1=most endangered, 5=most intact): 1 (critical)
10% of the ecoregion remains with the rest destroyed by development or displaced by invasive species.  Fire, invasive species, feral animals, and development are threats.*


Some views from the ecoregion

Kona area, island of Hawaii, Hawaii

primary succession on lava flow  (c) 2005 Carol and Steve Baskauf  hires

Polihale State Park, western Kauai, Hawaii

(l) coastal area, (r) ORV damage to dunes   (c) 2005 Carol and Steve Baskauf  hires  hires

* Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, D.M. Olson, C.J. Loucks, et al.  (1999) Terrestrial Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment.  World Wildlife Fund - United States and Canada.  Island Press, Washington, D.C. pp. 337-340.

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