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Crataegus harbisonii


sec. Lance TNU

common name: Harbison's hawthorn
family: Rosaceae
Identified 2008-04-26by Ron Lance

Lance TNU =
Lance, Ron, . Taxon name use (no publication). .

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Location information for the occurrence documented by this image:

Percy Warner Park, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, US
36.07° latitude,-86.88° longitude, 200 m elevation
Coordinate uncertainty: about 1000 m

Location of individual determined by an independent GPS measurement. Precision of coordinates reduced due to endangered status. GPS coordinates rounded to nearest 0.01 degree.

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Image creator: Steven J. Baskauf ; created on 2008-10-31T09:45:29

Rights statement: (c) 2010 Steven J. Baskauf
Available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license
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